GenEd’s Impact at the 2017 NCSS Conference

GenEd made its biggest impact ever at this year’s conference of the National Council for the Social Studies

Nov. 16-19, in San Francisco

GenEd led several workshops, including a one-day pre-clinic on November 16, 2017


GenEd News
Resources for Texas teachers

October 20-22, 2017:  Sara Cohan provided a teacher-training workshop to a packed audience at the Texas Council for the Social Studies’ annual conference, in Los Colinas, Texas. After the conference, Seda Aghamianz introduced Dallas’ Armenian-American community members at St. Sarkis Armenian church to GenEd’s mission and activities.   



Proceeds from “The Promise” DVD Sales benefit GenEd

Survival Pictures will donate 100% of its proceeds from the sales of The Promise DVDs purchased through special websites  iTunes and Amazon “genocideeducation” web sales of The Promise to The Genocide Education Project and other Armenian Genocide education initiatives. (more…)

Educate & Commemorate: Genocide Awareness Month

April is Genocide Awareness Month and we encourage history-social science educators to incorporate lessons on genocide into their curriculum and classroom discussions this month. The Armenian Genocide, the Jewish Holocaust, the Bosnian, Cambodian, Rwandan genocides are all commemorated in April. Use GenEd’s “Ten Stages of Genocide,” the “Two-Day Lesson” (including comparative genocides), the “Memorialization” lesson, or others found in the Teaching Guides section of our website.


GenEd Workshop at the NE Regional Social Studies Conference in Boston

The 2017 Northeast Regional Conference for the Social Studies welcomed educators from across the east coast with the theme, “Social Studies Matters: A Strong Citizenry Through a Well-Rounded Education.”


GenEd & Glendale School District host 2-day teacher-training workshop

Glendale, CA – The Glendale Unified School District and The Genocide Education Project (GenEd) hosted a 2-day teacher-training workshop on Genocide education, using the Armenian Genocide as a case study.

“In my 20 years of teaching in this district, this workshop was by far the best, most informative, and most beneficial workshop of my career,” wrote Angelina Dawson, a history teacher at Rosemont Middle School.


Bay Area Applauds GenEd and “The Other Side of Home”

The San Francisco Bay Area community welcomed The Genocide Education Project (GenEd) and The Other Side of Home filmmakers Naré Mkrtchyan and Iliana Guevara at events in San Francisco and Sunnyvale, November 18 & 19, 2016. (more…)

Boston-Area teachers receive full-day training on Armenian Genocide education

teachersWatertown, MA – The Genocide Education Project (GenEd) provided a full-day workshop on teaching about the Armenian Genocide for Boston-area History and English teachers on June 10th.


June news events bolster Armenian Genocide education and recognition
  • Michigan and Rhode Island enact laws on genocide education
  • German parliament recognizes Armenian Genocide
  • Pope Francis visits Armenia, promotes Armenian Genocide remembrance


Massachusetts Educators Gain Insights and Resources for teaching about the Armenian Genocide

Watertown, MA, June 10 – The Genocide Education Project provided a comprehensive, full-day teacher-training workshop for Boston-area History and English teachers.
Co-hosted by Armenian Library and Museum of America, the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research, Watertown and Boston Public Schools, and Project Save, and with the participation of the USC Shoah Foundation, the wide-ranging workshop included a tour of ALMA and a special meeting with 106-year old Armenian Genocide survivor, Asdghig Alemian. (more…)