What Educators Say

“After struggling to find appropriate materials on
the subject of the Armenian Genocide for much of my
career, it is a relief to have access to such well designed
lesson plans and information from The Genocide
Education Project. Their resources transformed the way
I taught about genocide.”
Colleen Boyett
High School History Teacher
Florida Virtual School

“Thanks to The Genocide Education Project for
participating in our Human Rights Day activity—they
provided a thoughtful and in depth presentation to my
students that I could not have easily created. This is an
important source of content for teachers and students.”
Peter Billingsley
High School History Teacher
Asheville, North Carolina

“What is so fine about The Genocide Education
Project is that while its particular objective is to educate
and elucidate the Armenian Genocide of 1915, its
broader goal has been to highlight and describe genocide
in the 20th century.
Using the particulars and patterns of the Armenian
Genocide during World War I enables us, the audience of
students and enquirers, to realize the scale and causes of
this genocide and that, to a larger or lesser extent, its
“example” has been imitated by governments during the
past one hundred years.”
Helen Delahunty
AP World History Teacher

“I have been teaching for over 25 years and I have been
to a lot of conferences, and this was by far one of the best.
The survivor presentation was incredible as were
the other speakers and many resources.”
Joanna Honig
Honors English
Watertown, MA