University of Michigan Dearborn – Armenian Research Center

Site contains articles and fact sheets on Armenia, Armenian history and the genocide, including a Fact Sheet on the genocide, several full text essays including one under Selected Writings of  Dr. Dennis Papazian addressing denial and the distortion of the facts of the genocide: “Misplaced Credulity: Contemporary Turkish Attempts to Refute the Armenian Genocide.” Includes links to important articles on a range of topics related to the genocide including the “King-Crane Commission Report on the Near East,” (Official United States Government Report) that dealt with the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide. Includes a link to the online text of “The Blight of Asia” by George Horton, American Consul in Smyrna in 1922 who was eyewitness to many events and who also availed himself of the testimony of other diplomats’ accounts of the Turkish massacres of Armenians and Greeks.