“A Road Less Traveled” The Handjian Story


Personal accounts of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 as told by survivors Kouren and Malvine Handjian. Edited and produced and music by Denise Gentilini. Interviewed and videotaped by Mireille Kaloustian.
Winner of the Best Feature Documentary and Best Film Score awards at the internationally renowned Moondance Film Festival.
47-minute version in VHS and DVD formats available
through: Denise Gentilini – www.denisegentilini.com
For a longer, 85-minute version, contact Denise Gentilini at
PO Box 828, Littleton, CO 80160 or Cell: (818) 517-7749, Fax: (720) 981-4106, linitunes@aol.com