iwitness Photo Activity

The iwitness photo documentary project was begun by artists Ara Oshagan and Levon Parian in 1995, when they began photographing and later interviewing survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

The photographs were first exhibited at the Downey Museum of Art in southern California in 1999, and later featured in the LA Times Sunday Magazine and many other venues. During the centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in 2015, the exhibit was re-made into a large-scale public art installation on three levels at the Music Center and Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles.

iwitness provides an ideal vehicle for middle-high school students to explore first-person testimonies of the Armenian Genocide through an artistic, interpretive lens.

Exhibit installation images by Ara Oshagan, Levon Parian, Vahagn Thomassian, Narineh Mirzaeian | www.iwitness1915.org