The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide was carried out by the “Young Turk” government of the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1918. Starting in April 1915, Armenians in the Ottoman armies, serving separately in unarmed labor battalions, were removed and murdered. Of the remaining population, the adult and teenage males were separated from the deportation caravans and killed under the direction of Young Turk functionaries. Women and children were driven for months over mountains and desert, often raped, tortured, and mutilated. Deprived of food and water, they fell by the hundreds of thousands along the routes to the desert. Ultimately, more than half the Armenian population (1,500,000 people) was annihilated.

Picture: “Mother and Child” from the Wegner Collection (Armin T. Wegner), Deutches Literaturarchiv, Marbach & United States Holocaust Memorial Museum