GenEd’s 2022 Teacher Fellows Leading Sessions at Upcoming State Conferences

GenEd is working hard to introduce ARMENIAN GENOCIDE education in as many educational gatherings as possible. If you are an educator or you know high school social studies educators in any of the below conference regions, please encourage them to attend

Missouri Conference for the Social Studies

Conference dates: February 17-18
Location: Harry S. Truman Library & Museum

“The Armenian Genocide: Teaching Hard History as a Framework for Understanding Today’s Geo-Political Conflicts 
Friday, February 17, 4:30 pm
Presenter: Kerri Flynn, 2022 GenEd Teacher Fellow

This presentation will provide background and ready-to-use lesson plans on the Armenian Genocide, making connections to the current conflict in the Republic of Artsakh.

California Conference for the Social Studies
Conference Dates: February 24-25
Location: Santa Clara Marriott

“Operation Nemesis: Seeking Justice for Genocide Denied”
Saturday, February 25, 11:20 am, Sierra Room
Presenter: Manuel Lopez, 2022 GenEd Teacher Fellow

Learn about the assassination of the mastermind of the Armenian Genocide and the surprising trial that followed. The case becomes an engaging lens through which to teach about the 1915 genocide by the Turkish government of the Ottoman Empire, its continued denial, and its ongoing impact.

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Tennessee Conference for the Social Studies
Conference Dates: March 2-3
Location: Embassy Suites Hilton, Nashville South (Franklin, TN)

Teaching the Armenian Genocide: ‘The Forgotten Genocide’ (6-12 grade)
Friday, March 2, 11:00 am, Oak Room
Presenter: Kevin Dockery, 2022 GenEd Teacher Fellow

Learn about the history of the Armenian Genocide through primary sources. Dockery will introduce ways to incorporate the Armenian Genocide into your instruction, using literature, survivor stories, and concepts of resistance.

New York Conference for the Social Studies
Conference Dates: March 9-11
Location: Crown Plaza Albany, The Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY

“Not the distant past: Remembering the Armenian Genocide”
March 10, 1:20 pm, Crown Plaza Albany – The Desmond Hotel
Presenters: Allison Weller, 2022 GenEd Teacher Fellow, and Michelle Penny

Participants will learn how to implement and engage students in a gallery walk focused on the Armenian Genocide.  Participants will also be given strategies (including silent conversations and identity charts) to allow students time to process and reflect on not only the Armenian Genocide but also what’s happening in Armenia today.

Wisconsin Conference for the Social Studies
Conference Dates: March 10-12, Madison Concourse Hotel, Madison, WI 

“Teaching about the Armenian Genocide and its Legacy”
Saturday, March 11, 10:10 am, Madison Concourse Hotel
Presenter: George Dalbo, 2022 GenEd Teacher Fellow

This interactive session will explore teaching about the Armenian Genocide and its legacy in middle and secondary social studies courses. The session will explore teaching the events in the context of a unit on World War I as well as within a comparative genocide unit (one in which multiple cases of genocide are examined). This session aids educators in meeting Wisconsin’s new Act 30, the state’s Holocaust and genocide education mandate. Participants will come away with an understanding of the genocide and its aftermath, primary and secondary resources, and classroom-ready lesson and unit plans.

Michigan Conference for the Social Studies
Conference Dates: April 14-15
Location: Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City, MI

“Remembrance, Denial, and the Politics of History: The Armenian Genocide”
Date/Time: Friday, April 14, 2:40-3:40 pm
Grand Traverse Resort, Session Room 2
Presenter: Amy Perkins, 2022 GenEd Teacher Fellow

How do the politics of the present influence our interpretation of the past? Carefully consider the question, with GenEd’s 2022 Teacher Fellow Amy Perkins, by conducting a case study of the ongoing conflict surrounding the Armenian Genocide.

Salem State University
Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Case Studies and Comparative Genocide:  
The Armenian and Rwandan Genocides

Wednesday, April 12, 9:00 AM–2:00 PM
Petrowski Room, Marsh Hall, Central Campus

This workshop is designed to engage teachers with themes related to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s new Genocide Education Act (2022). The workshop will explore different approaches to teaching genocide, focusing on questions that guide research in this field. We will discuss several models of comparative genocide and examine the insights a comparative approach may provide.

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Scottsdale Community College
The Armenian Genocide: A full-day educator workshop

April 22, 2023, 8:30am-3:00 p.m.
Location: Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ (room TBA)

Explore the teaching of modern-era genocide through its prototype, the Armenian Genocide. This workshop will investigate the meaning, structure, and stages of genocide, provide a historical review of the persecution and extermination of Armenians by the Turkish leadership of the Ottoman Empire (1915-1918), how it became the archetype for subsequent genocides, and its ongoing political and social effects. Educators will be introduced to a variety of primary and secondary source teaching materials to help include this topic in high school social studies and English language arts curriculum.

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