Fact Sheet

Some of The Genocide Education Project’s accomplishments include:

  • Produced original instructional materials on the Armenian Genocide for educators
    Launched first and only online classroom for students on the Armenian Genocide at
    www.LearnGenocide.com and Armenian Genocide resource library for teachers at
  • Implemented workshops across the U.S. in conjunction with school districts and
    professional educational organizations to provide teacher training to over 1,000
  • Presented papers at international, national and state level conferences including the
    International Association of Genocide Scholars biennial conference
  • Published articles and essays in educational journals
  • Created supplemental teaching guide for The Armenian Genocide, a documentary by
    award-winning producer Andrew Goldberg
  • Cited as a reference for educators on over 30 websites and in multiple publications
    including materials produced by PBS, the ADL, Yad Vashem, Facing History and
    Ourselves, and Amnesty International
  • Served as an expert lecturer for an institute on genocide education funded by the
    Council of Europe in Budapest, Hungary
  • Led a training session regarding genocide education at the Armenian Genocide
    Museum and Institute in Yerevan, Armenia
  • Contributed to Genocide Now, an online journal created by Israel W. Charny, Executive
    Director of The Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem
  • Listed as a recommended resource for educators at institutes of higher learning such
    as Clark University, Northern Illinois University, the Hague Appeal for Peace Global
    Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE) through the Teachers College, Columbia
    University and many more
  • Included as a reference by news outlets including PBS News Hour, Education Week, The New York Times,
    and The Los Angeles Times